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Martial Arts Academy of Tang Soo Do AZ (MAATSDAZ) is so much more than kicking and punching. 

Our martial art classes teach children respect, self-discipline, focus, and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. 


Martial arts classes are much more than just learning and practicing how to protect and defend yourself. One may never get into a physical fight with someone else. There’s much more to it, and the skills learned are many.

Our Karate training – while fun to do – is challenging, and will teach students that they can accomplish incredible things if they put their mind to it and have the right guidance.

The Differences You Will See in a Karate Student

Our karate classes will increase your child’s coordination, body awareness, strength, flexibility and aerobic fitness. Along with this physical side, they will also develop a clear, focused mind and unshakable spirit.

Everything works in harmony, and helps your kid flourish in class, at home, in school, and with everything else they do in their young life. Teachers notice the difference because school work and grades get better when the child feels good about themselves. Their ability to focus for longer periods of time becomes obvious. They are more likely to engage with their lessons and classroom participation, offer their opinions, and ask for help when they feel they need it.

Their body language is also different. Kids taking our Karate classes will stop being withdrawn. They are more self-assured. Their overall posture will improve. They don’t need to ‘show off’, or try to get attention through bad or inappropriate behavior. The discipline they learn in their Karate classes will carry over into school, and they will be more focused and respectful.

When talking to others – especially adults – they will be much more likely to make eye contact. Your child will learn to advocate for themselves, and not be as shy and intimidated in challenging situations.

Your Kid’s Karate Training

MAATSDAZ utilizes an extremely effective fighting art, in addition, we have also developed a proven teaching method for it – and are able to constantly improve upon it.

Each class is carefully designed to boost confidence and give children the skills they need to protect themselves and achieve their goals.

Parents will quickly see the benefits of our Karate training, at first by watching the other kids who have been with the program for a while, and before long, from their own child.


We all want the best for our children, and parents have so many decisions to make in order to provide them great learning experiences and opportunities. But as parents you well know that even though you can sign your child up for something you might want them to do – it won’t work unless they themselves like it and are excited to go to the classes. You can’t force them to play the violin, or practice kicking a soccer ball all day. A lot of it has to come from them. They have to want to do it.

You know that – and so do all of us at MAATSDAZ. That’s why we are pleased to tell you that kids absolutely love our Karate classes. They may be a little bit shy during the first two or three, but our skilled, experienced instructors know how to recognize that, and help them through that initial brief period. After that, they will be well on their way. They will be Karate students – and feel good about that.

For so many kids, parents tell us they can’t wait to go to their classes. They are inspired and motivated to train, and we are inspired and motivated to teach them something that will help them for their whole lives.

MAATSDAZ Kids programs have had proven, positive results and are constantly innovating to be even better. Come join us. A simple phone call, text message, or website click is all it takes to schedule a free trial class for your child.

Our basic program is for students that are taking the first steps on their martial arts journey.

Each program includes unlimited training. Classes are 30-45 min depending on the age. Students are encouraged to attend at least twice a week to maintain rank eligibility.

This program also includes our "POWerful Words" character development program.

$75 for 4 weeks + a FREE uniform.

$40 per week after that.

Tots 2-3yr olds 

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Tigers & Dragons

3-5 yr olds

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Youth 6-12 yr olds

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Teen and Adult

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