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"I got into it because I saw my son's growth and automatically got hooked, not only that but how they are very family oriented. The Larsons are true inspirations."

Solid Orange Belt

Pavan Turaga 

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"My favorite thing about coming to class is watching myself grow.  Not only does it help me in Tang Soo Do, but it helps me everywhere."

Solid Brown Belt


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We do TSD as a family mom ,dad both sons, uncles, and cousins. It gives us great quality time together. The Larsons have created a perfect environment for everyone, It makes us all an extended family.

Half Blue/Red Belt

The Bloodworth's


"I like going to this Martial Arts Academy because I can learn techniques and have fun with all my friends."

Half Brown/Green Belt



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Half Red/Brown Belt

Mason Monteith

"What makes the Larsons different is that they complete each other not only as a couple, but as instructors."

Solid Blue & Black Belt

The Spoon's